About Kel

Kel is trained in Dru, a powerful form of yoga that encompasses the body, mind and heart into a coherent system of personal development. Dru is gentle and strong, so it can be done by anybody, whether fighting fit or struggling just to get up the stairs, and can be adapted to challenge and nurture everyone. Dru yoga teachers complete 350 hours of professional training over a three-year programme, so you know you are getting someone who has the passion and expertise to help you find your balance.

Kel is also a university student nearing the end of her creative writing degree, so she too spends many hours slouched over a computer and knows how good it is to get out of that chair! As well as creative writing and business management, Kel has studied health science, mind-body medicine and holds a Certificate IV in Swedish Massage. Although she no longer practises massage, Kel brings a unique knowledge of the human body and factors of wellbeing to her teaching. 

When she’s not studying or writing, Kel enjoys ballroom dancing and believes that good health is one of the most important assets a person can have.