About Nic

Nic is a qualified psychologist who integrates Mind-Body Therapy into his work at High Aspirations. Mind-Body Therapy is an approach to healing and growth that looks at a person as an integrated whole between the mind and body. Techniques used in Mind-Body Therapy include mindfulness, yoga therapy, hypnosis, meditation, nutritional and wellness counselling, guided imagery, EMDR, and neuro-biofeedback.

Nic incorporates a variety of these therapeutic methods to customise and individualise his approach to working with each of his clients. He uses psychotherapy, hypnosis, mindfulness, guided imagery, EMDR, and neuro-biofeedback together with other tools to focus on the interaction between mind and body, and the ways in which emotional, mental, and spiritual elements can affect psychological and physical health.

Nic enjoys reading and playing golf in his spare time. He is also an active participant in many water-based leisure and recreational activities.

BSc (ExSc) BSc Psychology (Hons); PhD (Psychology) (UWA) Completed not Conferred; Doctorate Candidate (Integrative Medicine) (Quantum University).

Registration and Professional Memberships
A Fully Registered Psychologist of AHPRA
Member of the Australian Psychological Society