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Strengthen Your Body   –   Relax Your Mind   –   Open Your Heart

What Dru can do for you!

Experience the Real You


  • Dru Yoga is one of the most effective antidotes  for the stress of modern day living.
  • Perfectly suited for any age, state of health or level of fitness, its graceful yet powerful sequences enable you to relax, re-energise and develop a calm, clear mind.
  • Known as the Yoga of the Heart it works to rebalance your emotions as it exercises and energises your muscles.
  • My classes are designed to rebalance you on all levels of your being.  As I am deeply connected to nature and have a love for the earth and outdoors I bring a lot of this into my classes to help you to reconnect and slow down.  Inviting you to allow your body and mind to fall into the natural rhythm and flow of nature and reconnect you back to your centre of being.
  • Tailored to the 21st century yet rooted in ancient yoga tradition, Dru Yoga brings you unique flowing sequences, powerful breathwork, mudras (hand gestures), affirmations, meditation and relaxation techniques.  Through this eclectic approach, Dru Yoga presents itself as a truely holistic therapy.  Use it not only to maintain optimum health but to complement other therapies in treating a wide variety of health issues.

What makes Dru so special?

A hallmark of Dru Yoga are the Energy Block Release Sequences (EBR’S)

These sequences are specifically designed to release stuck energy at all levels of our being and directly influence our subtle energy channels.  Practicing these slow, flowing movements, the body is strengthened almost effortlessly helping to develop tremendous control around our joints – an important key to managing any musculo-skeletal problems.  The sequences also energise us, and because self awareness develops so naturally in yoga, the benefits are incorporated  into our daily lives very quickly.

Hear what others are saying about Sarah’s classes

“Sarah is friendly, relaxed teacher, yet very professional, who gives information on the benefits of each pose/movement.  I look forward to each class as it helps me find “stillness” in my busy life, yet I feel not only de stressed but energised at the end.  The benefits are endless, physically, mentally and spiritually.” Carol O’Neill


“When I started Dru I was at the point of giving up squatting to get to the books in the bottom shelf in the library.  Not any longer!  My leg strength has improved and my ability to balance in a squat.  Now, when I walk I am more likely to relax my knees and walk with an open chest, relaxing my shoulders and freeing my breathing.  Its all good – the way Dru Yoga awareness has filtered into the way I move every day.”  Carolyn Switzer


“I have never done yoga before and I am so glad I have started.  I love having some “me” time and I love the relaxation afterwards.  The fact that it is an effective workout is a bonus!.”  Reva Watson-Low


“I have definately gotten in touch with my spiritual and emotional side with Dru yoga – no other yoga class is this good!!!.”  ZA


“Great relaxing style of yoga.  Sarah is a friendly and passionate teacher.  Wonderful class.”  S.L.M.


“When participating in sessions, Dru Yoga focuses on core stability.  The core stability exercises have assisted in the improvement of my lower back after medical intervention for a sciatic(a) disc problem.” Jo


“I started Dru five months after having a baby and it has been an enormous benefit, it is gentle but a good workout.  Having done only one class eight years ago and struggling Dru Yoga is so much better and you don’t have to be an expert, you go at your own pace.” Piari Skeers


“Sarah, you are  very well organised and operate at a level which seems to touch everyone in the group.  Thank you.” Peta Power




Specialised Easing Back Pain Program

This four week course runs once a term so please contact me if you would like to be notified when the next one is running.


A specialised program for anyone suffering non specific back pain who wants to regain flexibility and build strength into their back.


Back pain is not complicated and is not necessary.  90% of back pain is musculoskeletal. Research shows that musculoskeletal back pain most commonly occurs because back muscles are out of balance.  Some are overworked and some are lazy.    This program kick starts the lazy muscles and gets the over-worked ones to loosen up, leaving your back strong and flexible.


The program is simple and you will receive handouts to support you.  To get the benefit of this program you will be expected to do some of the exercises everyday in between classes and that is why you will receive handouts.  You will also receive an inspiration email to support your practice each week between classes.

Limited to eight participants to ensure you receive personal supervision and care and open to men and women.


The cost of this program is $154.00 which includes GST

Bookings on line by clicking on yoga registrations tab


Sarah is registered as a level 2 teacher with Yoga Australia and therefore you may be eligible to claim a rebate on private health insurance.  Sarah is also a registered yoga instructor with HBF so check your cover and see if you can claim a rebate.


Testimonials for Easing Back Pain:


“In February 2015, I experienced severe back pain, which prevented me from being able to work. At that time, Sarah introduced me to a range of stretching exercises, and supervised my progress through them. Within a couple of days, the pain I had experienced in my back had subsided to the point that I could go back to work. After following through with the stretching regime for a few weeks, Sarah introduced me to a range of core and back strengthening exercises, designed to support my back, and therefore prevent further injury. The exercise regime started gently for the first few sessions, then built up in intensity as my body grew stronger.

What I really appreciated about Sarah was that she listened to me, and, collaboratively developed a program to suit my needs, and my lifestyle. As a allied health professional, I appreciated her knowledge and professionalism, as well as her gentle manner. Her instructions were clear, and she was always there to support me or answer questions I might have – even over the phone.

If you have back pain, or other injuries, and are frustrated by the medical model response of doctor-medication-physiotherapist and their attendant short term solutions, I encourage you to make an appointment to see Sarah, whose expertise and program will create a pathway to a pain-free life.”

Alex Honeykats


“I was impressed with the simplicity of the course.  It is easy to do at home in its entirety or quick parts when time is difficult.  I feel it will be extremely helpful.”

Libby Pardoe


“I have gained an understanding of what muscles I need to visualise when stretching and the power of breathing into the movements.  I feel I can now take a more proactive role in my back care.

Jill Milford


“Great course, definitely reduced back discomfort and stiffness.  Great for developing awareness of each movement.”

Karen Mazzella

Health Fund Rebate

Sarah is registered with HBF and has provider numbers for all the classes offered above.

Other funds that provide rebates for yoga classes that Sarah is covered for:

  • Australian Health Management
  • Australian Unity Health
  • BUPA incorporating  MBF, SGIC & Mutual Community
  • CBHS Health fund
  • Grand United Corporation Health
  • HCF
  • NIB
  • Teachers Union Health
  • Transport Health Fund
  • Westfund



What you need to bring to a class:


  • Yoga mat – there are mats at Cloud Nine Wellness Studio however you will need to bring your own for the Friday class in Australind
  • Water bottle – very important to keep hydrated
  • Throw rug to keep warm during Yoga Nidra (relaxation session)
  • Any cushioning you need to be comfortable when lying down – bring whatever you need


Bookings for classes all on line at the yoga registration page.

Look forward to seeing you in class.