Spring Greetings

Welcome to this long overdue newsletter.  I have had several attemps however here we are with a new format that I hope  will deliver you meaningful messages from me along with an easy to read format so you can see clearly coming events and relevant news.

I hope you have had time over the winter months to slow down and nourish yourself and to nurture any seeds of creativity that have been waiting for spring to emerge.  Perhaps thinking of how you can honour yourself a little more as you spend time doing the things that really make your heart sing.

Consider these couple of questions and give yourself some time to answer so that you can really come from a place of truth.  Grab yourself a cuppa, a notepad and pen and reflect on what brings you great joy.

If time and money were not an issue what would  you be doing right now?  Write it down like a plan for the future.  You see, everyday we are given a new opportunity to make a difference in this world.  To make a change in our own lives if we so choose or to make a difference in the life of another.

What did you do today that made a positive difference in someone’s life?  It could be as simple as a smile to a stranger you passed in the street or a compliment given to a work mate.  It doesn’t take much and it need not cost anything to make a difference.  Perhaps a phone call you’ve been meaning to make but not had the time.

It’s often the simple things in life that are most meaningful.  We also get the best answers from looking within and not outside ourselves.  Take some time today to look within, take a few deep breaths to settle yourself then put your hands on your heart and ask yourself what brings you joy.

Then find some things you are grateful for and spend a moment giving thanks. It’s great to share what you are grateful for with others, try it and see what happens.  When you get together with family and friends support each others strengths and focus on what is great.  Sometimes we need to vent and de brief with someone but make sure once you’re done you let it go and then focus on what went right and how you will move forward.

So moving forward let’s look at what is coming up.  There are classes and events in Victoria and Margaret River retreats in WA, two this year plus another big Dru Australia event in both Perth and Bunbury in May 2012.

Dru Yoga Teacher Training is in the diary for Perth commencing in April 2013 so that is very exciting!  You will hear a lot more about all of those longer term events as they get closer.  Meanwhile scroll down to see what is on next term.

Enjoy this beautiful season of spring and try and ignore the Chrismas commercialism appearing in the shops already!!




Dru Yoga Classes in Victoria  


Warranwood  – Commencing Tuesday  Oct 11th running for the whole term

7pm to 8.30pm being held at The Michael Centre Library building at 37 Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood.

There are some places available in this class so call today to reserve your place.  $165.00 term fee

You can register on line by visiting www.test.highaspirations.com.au and go to the yoga page where you will see what you need to bring along with the registration form to either fill in on line or print off and bring with you.

Wonga Park – NEW Friday morning classCommencing Oct 28th starting at 9.30am to 11amThis class is strickly limited to 8 participants and 6 places remain at time of writing this newsletter.To be held at 33 Brushy Park Road in Wonga Park.  7 week term $115.50

Dru Soul Spa

Energise your Body   *   Nourish your Soul   *   Calm your Mind

Dru Yoga & Meditation

Sunday Nov 6th

The Michael Centre, 37 Wellington Pk Dr, Warranwood

10am to 2.30pm

$88.00 incs vegetarian lunch

Bookings essential call Sarah 0409 955 575

Take some time out for yourself and join me for a day of rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul as we journey with Dru Yoga, meditation and reflection.

This event is suitable for everyone, no previous yoga or meditation experience practice is required.

Experience a full Dru Yoga class, discover why Dru is so good for you.  Introduction to meditation and how to establish a home practice routine.  Learn how to manage your energy levels, plug the leaks!

January Retreats WA

Glenbrook – Margaret River

ReFresh and ReVitalise to set yourself up for the best year of your life!

Retreat one:  Commencing Friday Jan 20th 5pm to Sunday Jan 22nd

Two places remain in this retreat which is now in its third year and lots of fun!

Retreat two: Commenceing the following weekend Friday Jan 27th to Sunday 29th

This second weekend has been made available to give people the chance to experience this lovely weekend away to set yourself up for the year ahaed with a clear mind, rejuvenated body and full heart. 

The weekend consists of Dru Yoga & Meditation, walking in nature, creative expression and this year it will be in the form of visual diaries and the many things you can do with them.  Plus time for reflection on what worked in the previous year, what you want more of and what is really important.

If this appeals to you then please email or call me to reserve your place and I can then forward more details onto you.

The cost of the weekend is $390.00 (incs gst) and includes shared accommodation (2-3 per room), all linen, bedding, meals and activities.

Places are limited to ensure your enjoyment.

Call Sarah 0409 955 575 or email sarah@test.highaspirations.com.au


I’d like to share with you a product that is making a big difference to a lot of peoples health and wellbeing.  It is very new to Australia and is being launched in Sydney this year in November.  News about Stem Cell Nutrition is now appearing in popular health magazines so you may have already heard about this.

This product supports our inner health and is called StemEnhance.  It is the only nutritional supplement proven to support the natural release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.  Our bodies naturally produce adult stem cells however as we age the production slows and hense the increase in time for the body to heal itself.

Results of scientific studies indicate that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is a key factor in maintaining optimal health.  This is a product for longevity and after taking this product for the past twelve months I can definitely report increases in many areas of my health and wellbeing.

If you would like to read more and see how this product could help you please click on this linkhttp://highaspirations.stemtechbiz.com.au  or copy and paste it into your browser and explore the page it takes you to.  I am happy to pass on any further information if you require it however the web page is really good and you can find out all about this product and more.

Alternatively visit my website and find out more on the nutrition page.

Life Coaching

Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you.  On what you want in life and what will help you achieve it.  This is what life coaching can do for you.

It is not about someone coming in and tellling you what you need to do, no, it is about listening and working with you to uncover what is really important in your life.  Assisting you to regain some balance and prioritise what is important and where you want to make changes.

Over the past few years I have developed some great tools that I use in coaching that take a very holistic view of all areas of one’s life.  These have been enhanced by my attendance at a recent ontological coaching workshop where you are taught to coach to a person’s way of being.  It is a fabulous approach that honours you as being the expert in your life, which of course you are.  You have the answers within you however we can get so busy and caught up in the day to day rush that time begins to pass us by and we forget we are the creators of our lives.  Instead of steering the ship we realise we have become a rudderless ship at sea, directionless and not flowing in the slipstream of life!

If you feel ready to move forward and transform your life then give me a call  0409 955 575 or send me an email sarah@test.highaspirations.com.au and we can discuss a coaching package to suit your needs.