Transformational Coaching - What is it?

Settle with the past | Engage with the present | Believe in the future

Improve the world | Realise your potential


This is coaching and believe it or not it is easier to travel this journey of life with assistance.  Having someone who is not emotionally connected to you to provide space for deep listening, reflection and exploration with you on ways to move forward.

If nothing changes, nothing changes!  If you keep doing what you have always done you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.

Coaching is a partnership where you will be invited to:

  • explore your values – what’s really important in your life
  • you’ll be offered tools to help you see where you are now that will then open up new possibilities for you to reflect upon
  • you’ll be challenged with questions such as “Where do you put yourself in the hierarchy of your life?”

For you to have choices your life much have depth.

If you remain living in the reactive surface of things you will remain vulnerable to being swept along like a rudderless ship at sea, directionless, disappointed and encountering many setbacks.

Rise above this, dig deep into your heart and give yourself the gift of rediscovering YOU.


Your Coaching Package

Coaching is a very individual process and therefore our first session explores whether we are suited to work together and if a coaching package is your best way forward at this point in time.

A standard coaching package usually consists of three to six sixty minutes sessions with me either in person, via  Skype or phone, or a combination of these to suit you.

Initial session will cost you $125.00 + GST and will be around 60 to 75 minutes long.

Follow up sessions will cost you $90.00 + GST and last up to 60 mins.

Sessions are offered face to face in my studio in Australind or by Skype or phone depending on your situation.

By appointment only please contact me to arrange – see contact page for details of how to reach me.