High Aspirations News

March 2011

Greetings to everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds you happy and healthy as we move into Autumn.  As I write this it is raining here in Melbourne yet again although we have just had some hot weather so for me the rain is welcome!

This newsletter is to keep you updated on what is happening with classes, courses and events around the country and also to share news, views and ideas that may inspire you with the purpose of moving closer to knowing the true essense of who we are and various ways in which we can explore that journey together to attain balance in all areas of our lives.

As there is no spell checker in the program I am using to create this newsletter please disregard all errors!!

Well lots happening with Dru as you will see below:

January 2011 events:

The second Dru Yoga retreat held at Glenbrook in Margaret River in WA has been and you can view photos of this event on the retreats page of the website.  Just click on the Glenbrook Retreat Photos link on the page to view a short video of the Dru Power Sequence and also photos of the activities that took place.  17 partcipants took part in daily yoga and meditation, walks in nature, colour expression with a workshop run by Bunbury artist Chris Skeggs, djembe drumming, spiritual movie and a session on managing your energy.  This retreat is all set to run again next year in January 2012 as participants find it a great way to start the year with a burst of inspiration and motivation to set their year in action.  Whilst the expressions of interest already listed will fill next years retreat if you would like to be on the list please email me as there are often cancellations and places do become available.

Dru Yoga for Busy Lives – from stress to success

April 2011

Two days of empowering Dru Yoga in Bunbury!

This will be a real treat as Andrew Wells, senior international Dru tutor and Director of Dru Australia will be running these two days.

This will be held at Koombana Bay Sailing Club on Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st Saturday will start at 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 4.30pm

Saturday: The ultimate de-stress!

Discover Dru Yoga’s fast and easy to use techniques for relaxing, soothing the mind and balancing emotions. Turn stress into opportunities in three vital areas of life, abundance, relationships and manifesting your goals.

Sunday: Dru in Depth

Use Dru’s in depth body-mind yoga techniques to help you transform your mind and emotions into any positive state you’d like. Activate your heart power, discern the best paths forward and be more in line with your own life’s purpose.

Both days suitable for beginners and advanced and you can attend one or both days as you choose.

If this sounds like something you would like to take part in email or call me for a flyer with full details. This will give you a taste of Dru and I am really hoping enough interest will be generated to encourage the Australian Dru team to bring the teacher training to WA so that you will get Dru yoga happening in a place near you!

Andrew is offering one on one tutoring/mentoring and is prepared to stay on an extra day if this is something that is required.  The sessions last for an hour and cost $90, places will be limited so please indicate if you would like an appointment so that his planning will include the extra day in Bunbury.  Andrew also offers Chakra analysis so you could use the session for that purpose too.  If there is anyone who would like to discuss teacher training and what is involved Andrew has indicated that he is happy to meet and discuss this with those people over a meal if this is required so again please let me know now if you are interested.

Please get your bookings in for this Bunbury event as soon as you can so we can get an idea of numbers attending.

Eat Pray Live in Byron! Longevity Lifestyle Package

October 2011

This year’s next retreat will be loads of fun, a fellow Dru Yoga teacher and friend Julianna and I will be running a retreat in the hinterland of Byron Bay at Peppers Coorabell Retreat, check out the venue at www.peppers.com.au then find Coorabell and go to image gallery on the left hand side to look through the 10 images on line.

Dates for this special retreat are Sunday Oct 16th finishing Tuesday October 18th.  Costs $1089.00 (ins gst) twin share

$1287.00 (inc gst) for room to self.

Eat The longevity lifestyle is a way of life emphasizing the importance of nutrition, balancing foods to achieve maximum health and happiness.  Julianna will show you how to prepare delicious gluten free meals and treats and share recipes with you so that you go home with the tools you need to implement positive change in your life.  There will be two nutritional workshops as part of this retreat.

PrayAccess that infinite source of energy through meditation techniques to bring balance and connection with your inner wisdom allowing you to access your true and authentic self.

LiveActivate your heart power with Dru Yoga’s flowing, graceful yet powerful sequences.  Dru is known as “yoga of the heart”.  You will learn beautiful heart opening movements that will assist you to connect with yourself.  Be prepared for lots of indulgent self time, nurturing the goddess or god within! Taking time to really connect with the true essence of who you are and letting that settle deep within whilst basking in the lush green environment taking in nature at her best. I will be presenting a workshop on lifestyle balance and energy management during this retreat.

For further details or to have a flyer mailed or emailed to you please contact me.

Other Retreat Ideas

Lots of planning going on to bring you quality Dru Yoga retreats around this beautiful country of ours. I would love to run a retreat in the Kimberley region or maybe Broome so if anyone has any ideas of venues let me know and let’s see what we can come up with.

Dru Yoga & Meditation Classes

These will commence in the New Year in and around Croydon, Victoria as that is where I am now based. I will be running six to eight week blocks of classes in both yoga and separate meditation classes. If you know someone is this area that might like to know more please pass on my details to them.

Private Coaching and Tuition

I am available for private coaching and individual yoga and meditation tuition. Obviously for yoga or meditation you would need to be living close by or if you would like a private session whilst I am back in WA just let me know soon so we can schedule one in. The advantage of one on one support is that you can ensure you are doing the techniques correctly and have a program tailored to suit your individual needs.

As far as coaching goes this can be done from anywhere and doesn’t need to be in person as the phone works well as does Skype. Coaching can help you move forward with purpose and assist you to step out of your comfort zone so you can make some life changes that really make a difference. Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done you will continue to get what you’ve always got! If nothing changes, nothing changes! I get coached and I can confirm it is invaluable for moving forward and staying on track, pushing yourself further when otherwise you migth sit still and let life pass you by.

Nutrition – Green Super Food

I have just attended two events in Melbourne where David Wolfe spoke and shared his immense knowledge on super foods, raw foods and how to mega boost your immune system to protect against the top diseases that are affecting astounding numbers of people in this country.  The Saturday full day workshop was amazing with lots of information passed on about how to rebalance our hormones, a major contributing factor to preventing major disease in men and women.  David is currently on retreat in Dunsborough and will be talking again at an evening event on Saturday March 5th so if you are free Saturday night and there are places left I would highly recommend you get there, his infomration could literally save your life.  Just google David Wolf or Sumudra in Dunsborough for more details.

I have recently become involved in distributing a product called Stem Enhance, a naturally occuring blue/green algae which stimulates the migration of stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood stream.  It is the world’s first and only patented, scientifically proven stem cell nutrition product.  Increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health and strengthen the body’s repair mechanism.

Check it out on my website on the Nutrition Page where you can access more information.  Next month I will share some of the information I got from the workshop and also tell you about another invaluable product for boosting and maintaining healthy immune systems.

Joy Peace and Love

That’s all from me for now. I would like to thank all the lovely participants of my yoga classes over the past two years in and around Bunbury for your support and dedication! Without your support I wouldn’t be where I am now! I look forward to catching up on my return in April/May.

Check out my new website, still undergoing some changes but almost there! A news section is up and running and I plan on posting weekly news, quotes etc on there. Also I will post the baby news of the two yoga babies born in October in Bunbury for you to read! Piari from the Dardanup/Gerlorup class and Angela from the Bunbury class have beautiful baby girls!  Also I have just started a Facebook page for High Aspirations so please click on the link from my website to access and sign up for that.

I wish you all a vibrant happy and safe month of March and challenge you to stay present and in the “now”! Enjoy every moment and take pleasure in the simple things, especially family, friends and community. Make a difference in someone’s life and let that light shine out for the world to see!  If you’re having trouble making time for some daily meditation then do it for all those that have been affected by flooding, fire or cyclone in recent weeks, send them love and light.