High Aspirations – Combo



Both recordings included here so you have unlimited access to two classes:

Dru Yoga 30 Minute class gives you:

  • A warm up activation
  • Energy Block Release 2 sequence (EBR2) – amazing total body workout especially great for backs
  • Brief relaxation to finish

Dru Yoga 60 Minute class gives you:

  • Warm up activation
  • Energy Block Release 1 (EBR1) best de-stressor for your body, mind and heart!
  • Cat pose – marjariasana – to free up stuckness in your spine
  • Earth Sequence – very balancing and grounding
  • Pranayama – Windmill Breath to open up your lungs and bring fresh prana into your cells
  • Relaxation to rest and digest all the above leaving you feeling amazing!

Suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility.

Please note that once you have purchased there is a delay in activating the recording which may take between 1 – 12 hours depending on the time of day you purchase.

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