Retreats to Refresh, Revitalise and Nourish your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul


Come away with me for a weekend to unwind and rejuvenate!  If you can’t spare a weekend then check out my Dru Soul Spa events.


A variety of retreats and soul spa days are offered throughout the year in the South West of Western Australia.

Open to men and women and ideally suited to couples wanting to take time out together and reconnect with their hearts.

Activities can include:

  • Dru Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Walking in Nature
  • Creative Expression such as soulful art, juicy journaling!
  • Reflection
  • Information sessions on healthy eating, reducing chemicals in your personal care and household products
  • Djembe Drumming
  • Meaningful movies that enlighten


Dru Soul Spa Days


A mini retreat to revitalise and reconnect with your heart


Usually running from 9am on a Sunday  morning until midday this is time out to slow down with a beautifully balanced Dru Yoga class that will deeply soothe your nervous system and start to reverse the effects  of too much stress.

Followed by a nourishing morning tea taken at leisure with time to connect with other like minded souls and share from the heart.

Finishing with breathing techniques to rebalance you and meditation to take you deep within your being leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to move forward.

No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary to enjoy these events.

The next Soul Spa is running on Sunday June 26th from 9am to 12pm and will be held at the new yoga studio  2/64 Spencer Street.   See retreat booking page and secure your place.  This event already booking well.  All bookings on line.


 Dru Yoga & Meditation Retreats


2016 retreat dates:

Autumn Friday May 20th to Sunday 22nd

Spring Friday September 16th to Sunday September 18th

both the above retreats will be held at Glenbrook – Margaret River WA

Retreat bookings on line at retreat booking page


Testimonials from the Summer 2015 retreat experience:


If you are a male and looking for a toolbox of life changing/enhancing tools or strategies you must try a yoga/meditation retreat with Sarah Collin.”  Alan Flemming


For a newby to retreats this has exceeded any expectations that I had.  A wonderful connection with positive like minded people who will remain in my heart and memory forever – thank you.”  Kate Darcy


“So grateful for these regular retreats.  They  nourish my soul; encourage me to review and refocus and move me towards greater courage to live a/my life of integrity.”  Valerie Frearson Lane


” Dru Yoga is different to any yoga I have practiced before.  Its focus on heart, mind and energy leads the body rather than the other way around.  You can’t help but become insightful towards yourself, it happens without you even realising it.  It is  a lifestyle practice that can only move you in positive ways.” CM


A High Aspirations yoga/meditation retreat will take you to a higher level of operation in your mind and body.  It will give the vehicle to live in the present in a fulfilling and nourishing way.  It’s a great stress-buster and body-mind refresher.”  Nic Keown

Previous retreat testimonials:


I arrived at the retreat not having slept for more than 2 hours at a time for many months with the pain in my shoulder.  The yoga/relaxation was gentle and manageable within the limit of my movement.  The first night I got up once, the second night not at all – unbelievable! 

Dr M.K.


Sarah has a very clear, gentle and human approach to Dru Yoga.  I felt totally safe and nourished in her hands.

Nell Harrison


I didn’t believe it was possible to enjoy this second retreat as much as the first!  I have learnt so much more and will return next year for more 🙂

Carline Turner


This retreat has affirmed my love of Dru Yoga – there is a need for all of us to find that still Dru place in our lives, to enjoy nature and grow within it.

Claire Connolly


Everyone who gets the chance to come to a “High Aspirations” retreat gets to be spoilt with wonderful company (new and existing friends) the love of the beauty that we can share, friendship, food, nature, music and exercise.  Our gift is we can take it with us to share.

Lesley Morgan


The experience at the retreat has given me a real sense of balance in my life and I know with the practice of Dru Yoga, I am blessed with good health, happiness and peace.  Thank you and lots of love.

Annie Power


Step by step I learn more each time I am with Sarah, her explanations of movements benefits us all.  Each year I realise how far I have come physically and emotionally.  Thank you so much Sarah.  God Bless.

Norma Philpott


I encourage anyone to give Dru Yoga and Meditation a try as it can change your life, open your heart and help make positive changes.

Nicky Smith


I arrived at the retreat with a limitation in movement in my right shoulder and some lower back stiffness.  I noticed over the time of the yoga sessions a softening in the tissue and an increase in flexibility and range of movement in both right shoulder and lower back.  When I left I had no pain in my shoulder and significantly  greater flexibility in my lower back.  This I am sure is due to the gentleness of Dru Yoga and to the quality of teaching and encouragement  from Sarah.  Thank you.

Valarie Frearson- Lane


The retreat at Glenbrook was magical.  It was a perfect balance of peace, laughter, movement, nature, live food, good company and inspirational moments.  Sarah leads the weekend with a shining spirit and open heart.

Fiona Morgan

If all the people in the world did Dru Yoga at least once a week, there would be no more wars, anger, violence and the world would be a very tranquil place to live in.


Dru has a way of bringing together physical practice with spirituality that can be intense or meditative.  It seems to give you what you need at the time.  I love it.

Libby Pardoe

Sarah’s beautiful smile and gentle delivery of how to perform the range of sequences makes the whole retreat experience totally uplifting.  I’ll be back for more this time next year!

Karen Mazzella