Retreat Registration

During your retreat you will be participating in Dru Yoga and Meditation classes. It is important that you acknowledge that yoga and meditation is a very individual and personal journey and is non-competitive.


As you would be aware exercise may entail risk of injury or aggravation of existing medical conditions. You are encouraged to consult with a medical practitioner before starting any new exercise program.


It is vital that you respect your body’s limitations and inner wisdom; if something feels wrong or dangerous please do not do it.  Remember the Dru motto, “No Pain No Pain”.


By registering for High Aspirations Dru Yoga & Meditation classes you are releasing High Aspirations Pty Ltd, its directors and employees from any and all liability or claims arising out of participation in the classes offered.


These classes are offered with your highest wellbeing in mind so please enjoy the journey as you get in touch with the many aspects that make up who you are and take the time to really connect with the real you.


When your yoga practice is working you inevitably feel much more alive and vigorous. This sometimes surprises people because they simply do not realise how much of their natural energy has been lost until they feel it coming back.


Let us explore this amazing journey together, enjoy the process and please feel free to see me at any time whilst on retreat with any queries or comments.

Whilst I rarely have the need to make any adjustments to people in my classes if I see you doing something that may cause discomfort I will gently assist.  This may involve me lightly touching you on the arm, leg or back.  If you prefer not to be touched please let me know and I will respect your personal space.