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Special Edition Bunbury WA Event


From Stress to SUCCESS

Dru Yoga event coming to Bunbury


Sat 30th April & Sun 1st May 2011 Koombana Bay Sailing Club, Anchorage Cove, Koombana Drive, Bunbury


This is a reminder to anyone wanting to book into this event and also more details on the mentoring being offered by Andrew Wells, Director of Dru in Australia.


Director of Dru Yoga and Meditation in Australia, Andrew has taught this modality in more than 30 countries on 6 continents. He’s been teaching this for nearly 20 years, and has pioneered the application of Dru in the conflict zones of Europe and Africa to help people overcome emotional trauma.

Author, video and audio presenter, he is the director of the Australian Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teacher training courses.

Andrew Wells mentoring opportunities

Andrew has helped thousands of people discover their hidden strengths and overcome their inner challenges through his innovative approaches to mentoring. As Director of Dru Yoga and Meditation in Australia, he has a particular expertise in tailoring the ancient wisdom of yoga for modern society.

He has innovated the use of yoga for overcoming emotional trauma in war zones, created highly effective approaches to stress management and used yoga’s deep understanding of the mind to create a remarkable map of the persona using the chakras, or power centres of the unconscious.

In Andrew’s visit to Western Australia this May, he will be offering three types of mentoring.

Power Centres Mentoring

Andrew takes you through an easy attunement that rapidly puts you in touch with the power centres of your unconscious mind. Andrew will help you discover how much you already know about yourself and how you can optimise your life… and then help you make exhilarating discoveries about your hidden points of potential and new ways to heal old challenges.

Yoga is perhaps the world’s most enduring personal development discipline, and it provides a near-complete map of our vast inner potential. Andrew will use this map to help you get in touch with the parts of your mind (chakras) that govern the crucial aspects of how you get on in your world – abundance, relating, manifesting, knowing the right thing to do at the right time, life goals – and then show you how to optimise each one in turn.

Get ready to get back into the driver’s seat of your life!

Heroes Mentoring

Discover your Heroes or ‘Sheroes’

Each of us experience parts of our persona that obstruct our happiness and success in relationships, work or life in general.

Yet few of us are aware of the power we have available to us as a result of the many strengths in our persona.

In this mentoring, Andrew shows you how every force in your persona is like a Hero, or a ‘Shero’. He’ll help you discover these, and you’ll be amazed at the vast reservoir of positives you have in your life. Then we’ll look at the Heroes or Sheroes that are getting in your way, and learn how to redirect their power towards your pool of positives. This eventually becomes like magnetic attraction, systematically turning the unhelpful parts of your persona into your greatest friends and allies.

Transform your stress

In this mentoring, Andrew will show you how to use any point of stress in your life as a power source for transformation. With ease!

Each of us have enormous potential within, but so often limit or deny this potential, via unhelpful patterns of reactivity or limitation. Andrew will show you how to use points of stress in your life as a treasure map to success, giving you techniques that change your inner state with ease, little by little. Over a period of months you can make profound changes to nearly any situation in your life that causes you stress.

From Stress to SUCCESS – Bunbury event details

Saturday 30 April The ultimate de-stress!

> Discover Dru Yoga’s fast and easy-to-use

techniques for relaxing, soothing the mind and

balancing emotions.

> Explore your three base power centres in yoga

(the chakras) to create the life you want.

> Turn stresses into opportunities in three vital

areas of your life—abundance, relationships and

manifesting your goals.

Sunday 1 May Dru in depth

> Use Dru’s in-depth body-mind yoga techniques

to help you transform your mind or emotions

into any positive state you’d like!

> Activate your heart power, discern the best

paths forward and be more in line with your

own life’s purpose.


Both days $ 210

Saturday 10 am to 6 pm $135

Sunday 10 am to 4.30 pm $115

Morning and afternoon teas provided

Lunch—buy at local shops or BYO

Registration from 9.30 am both days

Concessions available

Both days are suitable for

advanced and beginners

> YTAA and Dru CPD hours available

Bring your water bottle, yoga mat, rug, cushion

Dru Yoga books & CDs available for home study

You are required to register for this event and if you would like to book a mentoring please let me know so I can schedule you in.   The cost for a mentoring with Andrew is $95 per hour.  Mentoring will be available Friday 29th April and also Monday and Tuesday May 2nd and 3rd.  Call me to arrange a time that suits you.

You can download the event registration form here.

Payments and forms will need to reach me by April 21st,  if this is not possible for you please call me to discuss.

Registrations and payments need to be mailed to Sarah as below:

High Aspirations

PO Box 4254, Croydon Hills, Victoria 3136


Please make all cheques and money orders payble to Dru Australia Ltd


This is such a wonderful opportunity to give yourself some “ME” time, to allow yourself to slow down and absorb all the many benefits that Dru offers.

Step out of your busy life for just one or two days and nourish yourself from the inside out.  I really look forward to welcoming you to this very special event.

Remember this is suitable for everyone so you don’t need to be practising yoga to attend, come along and see for yourself.





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