Springa time to emerge and embrace a new YOU!


What a great start to spring, lovely soaking rain, rainbows and sunshine!  What are you bringing forward from your winter reflection?  Spring is a great time to give some dedicated attention to your intentions, whether your intention is to get fitter, gain health and be radiant for summer or a longer term goal or dream, one thing is certain, seasons come and go whether we are ready or not.      Life is not in the habit of waiting for anyone so now is the time to take action.  If you would like to see something in your life change then create a clear potent intention and infuse it with a visual image, a clear statement and start putting your attention into it.  Share your vision with someone as that greatly increases your chances of success, accountability and having someone believe in you makes all the difference.

Spring is a great time to make some choices about gaining health.  Forget about losing weight and put your attention into gaining health and you will make lifelong changes that will support you in gaining and maintaining a healthier you.  Health is so  much more than our physical bodies, it must be well balanced and include emotional and mental health as well.  Have a think about any changes you might like to make as we embrace the season of spring.

Spring cleaning comes to mind as the warmer weather brings us out of our hibernation mode.  Not necessarily house cleaning but a cleaning out of old thought patterns and habits that might not be serving us as well as they could be, clearing the mental clutter and letting go of old emotional patterns making way for the new.  If you’re holding onto some old limiting beliefs then maybe this spring is the time to let them go and embrace a fresh new vibrant version of yourself.  Let spring be the time to explore  what a vibrant version of you would actually be like, let your imagination loose and use spring to take you towards your full potential.  by the time summer arrives your heart will be singing!  Remember, summer will arrive whether you choose to make any changes or not so come on, embrace the new, lighter, brighter beautiful essence of your truth.  It’s time for you to shine!



New Immune Boosting Dru Yoga series  

Boost your immune system and be in top shape for spring with this six week Dru Yoga Course

Starting on Friday September 14th take part in movements that will boost your endocrine system, aid digestion and receive weekly tips on simple things you can do to improve your health.

Suitable for beginners and all ages and levels of fitness.

Bunbury Dance Studio (New location) 34 Lockwood Cres, Usher

10am to 11.30am

$108.00 for six week series or $22 per class casual attendance

Bring your water bottle, yoga mat and rug to keep warm for the yoga nidra (relaxation session)

bookings encouraged call me on 0409 955 575  or email sarah@test.highaspirations.com.au

Dru Yoga evening classes – Gelorup

Regular Dru Yoga classes are running on Thursday nights at the Community Centre in Gelorup from 7pm to 9.30pm

spaces available if you want to check it out on a casual basis till the end of this term then have the option of signing up for term four in October.

Casual attendance is $20 per class for a full hour and a half.

Register on line or call me for more details.

Dru Yoga Teacher Training in WA 2013

Dru Yoga Teacher Training will commence in Perth on 18th April 2013 and applications are being taken now.

Email me sarah@test.highaspirations.com.au for a full information pack on this amazing course.

Discover the very best in body-mind yoga, whether you plan to teach or just do the course for yourself, it is the best personal development you could ever do.  If you’re wanting to invest in your physical, emotional and mental health then this training will transform your life.

Two one day workshops will be running in Perth, one in Mt Hawthorne and one in Cottesloe, Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th November 2012.  Senior Dru teacher Noelene Francis will be coming over to teach so don’t miss this opportunity to check Dru out for yourself.  Detailed flyer can me emailed upon request.

Dru Meditation Classes – New beginners course starting soon

Learn easy techniques to help you overcome the effects of stress and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Weekly email support with extra tips and advice along with take home recording of two techniques that will make a positive difference to your health.

New beginners class starting September 18th 2012

Tuesday evenings 6pm to 7.30pm

Building behind Women’s Health Centre on Plaza St

6 week course


bookings essential as class in strictly limited

Information on Dru Meditation http://www.test.highaspirations.com.au

Call Sarah 0409 955 575  email sarah@test.highaspirations.com.au

Spring Health & Harmony personal coaching package

  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Manage your stressors
  • Find purpose & meaning in your life
  • Improve self esteem & confidence
  • Build emotional resilience

What if you could tap into a source of inner peace and happiness that was always available? 

This three month coaching package will help you move towards exactly that.

Usually $720.00

Spring Special $540.00 (can be paid in three monthly installments)

Coaching package consists of six sessions, one on one either in person or via Skype plus email support as required

Call Sarah 0409 955 575

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”   Mark Twain

Workplace Health & Wellbeing Programs

Healthy workers = healthy business

The current picture is bleak.  Results from  300,000 Workhealth checks delivered in Victoria show why business leaders should be concerned:

  • 70% do not do enough exercise
  • 92.9% eat less than the recommended amounts of fruit and veg
  • 18.2% smoke
  • 32.9% Drink alcohol at risky levels

High Aspirations can offer you a number of workplace options to assist in improving the health and wellbeing of your staff:

  • Stretch & Flex simple movement for improved posture
  • workplace meditation
  • Lunchtime information sessions
  • personal coaching in the workplace
  • work life balance
  • values and vision – taking your values to work

Workshops available to suit your time frames from one hour sessions to half or full day motivationals.

Or take your staff out of the workplace and into nature with a full day package to nourish and nurture.

Call Sarah to discuss 0409 955 575


A Dru Yoga experience with Keep Walking Nepal

Come and practice Dru Yoga in a majestic setting, the Solukhumbu Valley in Nepal.  Enhanced with Haiku poetry and photography tips and ideas you will have the complete mind, body and culture experience.

26th October to 5th November 2012

Click on the link below for a copy of the full trek notes and itinerary

Click here