Workplace Health & Wellbeing Programs

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Partnering with you to provide on-site workplace wellbeing programs

If reduced stress and absenteeism, higher productivity and a more positive work environment are things you want, contact High Aspirations to discuss a tailored plan to meet your needs. The plan can include yoga and/or meditation sessions, ‘values’ workshops, one-on-one coaching, organisational vision workshops and motivational activities.

For example, you might like to try a six week ‘stretch and flex program’ – take 30 minutes once a week for six weeks and experience the unique Dru Energy Block Release Sequence followed by guided relaxation. The results will speak for themselves!

Or your plan might focus more on organisational values and direction. Encourage your staff to be more invested in the business by collaborating to create a dynamic vision for the organisation that reflects a set of shared values.

Alternatively, your business might benefit from individual coaching sessions and encouraging employees to go on a journey of self-discovery, understanding their own values, realising what they can bring to their work and unlocking their creativity.

People often have the best intentions after a workshop or event, but quickly fall back into old patterns and habits. That’s why High Aspirations has resources that can be made available for these tools to be implemented as part of an ongoing workplace program with follow-up from High Aspirations to keep it running and become self-sustaining.

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 Why workplace wellbeing?

  • Back pain is a key factor in illness-related absenteeism
  • Stress is another key factor in absenteeism and reduced performance
  • Dru yoga and meditation have been shown to significantly reduce both stress and back pain

Bringing yoga to your workplace can increase your productivity, performance and create a better work environment.

  • Retaining staff is vital to minimising HR costs
  • Remuneration is only part of employee satisfaction
  • Employees also require meaningful work and productive work relationships

Values workshops allow staff to become more invested in their jobs and foster better relationships. 


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